Stashed Goods – Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals (en)

Cosmic Trip Machine – Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals (Limited Edition CD)

Limited edition of 56 copies with “mantra style” artwork and inserts in a range of five different acidic flourescent coloured sleeves…

“Cosmic Trip Machine are without doubt one of the finest psychedelic bands around at the moment. The band comprises Will Z and Majnun with help from OG (glissando guitar) and Yoni (drums). This album tells the story of the Mantra songs and presents out-takes and never before released material. In March 2008 the band recorded for their debut album “Lord Space Devil”, an Indian blues jam simply called “Mantra”. This song had been responsible for starting a blackout at No Hype Studio. Just after the mix the town was without electricity for hours. So, they renamed the song to “Mantra #27” with the subtitle “Shiva’s Angry vs. No Hype Studio”. June 21st 2008 was the day of the first Cosmic Trip Machine rehearsal. The band worked on an electric live show melting instrumentals and new versions of songs from “Lord Space Devil” including “Mantra”. Between 2009 and 2010 the two musicians worked on “Son Of Lord Space Devil”. This was to be a double album with four different suites (the new version of “Mantra” was part of it). They had many difficulties with the album preparation including disease, depression and technical problems. The early takes were judged as “weak”. Eventually “Son Of Space Devil” was shelved in March 2010. Both band members considered the album to possess negative power. However some of the tracks were salvaged and re-arranged. Majnun insisted to change the album title as “The Curse Of Lord Space Devil”. The recording was finished in April 2010 after one month of intensive work, but Will Z and Majnum expressed dissatisfaction with the result. So, OG was hired as a producer and an “excorcist” to stop negative forces and finish the work. His decision was to remove the song “Mantra # 33” the first intended as the opening track on the album because it unbalanced the album. In October 2010 the band recorded the ultimate version of “Mantra” called “Mantra # 7777” featuring OG on glissando guitar. This put an end to the saga”.

A great album of psychedelic infused music featuring mind melting guitar playing, sitars, vocal harmonies, and excellent song writing.

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