Psychotropic Zone - The Curse of the Lord Space Devil (en)

Cosmic Trip Machine: The Curse of the Lord Space Devil
Nasoni Records (NASONI-102-2CD)

The Curse of the Lord Space Devil is the third full-length by Belgian band called Cosmic Trip Machine. This duo playing psychedelic folk rock released their first album Lord Space Devil in 2008 only in digital form and the following year it was time for Vampyros Roussos CD. Nasoni released The Curse of the Lord Space Devil in 2010 but I only received a copy late in 2011 when the label friendly supplied me with a big pile of their recent releases (thanks guys!!!). I had previously downloaded Lord Space Devil and Vampyros Roussos digital single from the band’s website and it was clear to me that this duo formed by Majnun and Will Z. has a lot of potential. Vampyros Rossos album was released also on vinyl format last year by Nasoni, so this is something that I definitely should get as well.

There were a lot of various problems with the recordings of this album (sickness, depression, technical problems…) so the fellows thought they were under some kind of a curse, thus the album title. Finally the guys were able to record versions of the songs they were happy with and the producer was OG. This album is a real 60’s/70’s styled trip with esoteric, spiritual vocals, various kinds of instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, Theremin, sitar, e-bow etc.) and an army of effects. The Eastern mood is created by lyrics inspired by different ancient texts as well as of course especially sitar. The tracks are mostly relatively short. The acoustic-driven “Quiet Night Thoughts” starts off the album in a great way also including a wild fuzz solo towards the end. The more peaceful, meditative “You” is even more acoustic in nature, “Jessica’s Nightmare” a dark, experimental instrumental. “Cosmic Travel” is sunnier hippie stuff and “Strange Is…” beautiful, melancholic and deep material. ”Fragmental Residuel” is another shorter, experimental and psychedelic improvisation and “The Secret Song” a pretty, organ-driven ballad. The vocals are really nice, like on the whole album! ”Remains of Amethyst” is the third experimental psych improvisation and this truly is hallucinatory stuff. ”I” is wonderful, acoustic atmospheres in the spirit of a Buddhist goddess, and another acoustic-driven thing is also ”Hear the Voice of the AM”. This reminds me of St. Mikael and other Swedish underground psych folk artists from the 90’s. The album is finished with the over nine-minute-long ”Son of Lord Space Devil” that also features drummer Yoni. During the first minutes we float in a sort of Gong styled ambient space until the track starts to take some form. The mood is peacefully psychedelic for a long time but before the seven-minute-marker a hard hitting guitar solo begins and the tracks starts to grow and get heavier. Amazing! Perhaps the album’s best track although I do like them all. I can warmly recommend this band.
21.02.12 by Dj Astro

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