Cosmic Trip Machine is a moving entity, constantly evolving, psychedelic, heavy, experimental and folk. Since 2012, Cosmic Trip Machine works like a "family", a musical collective, sharing every members' related projects.


February 2008, Cosmic Trip Machine, named in tribute to 60’s and 70’s records, started by recording one album, shortly after Will Z. and Majnun first group split (with angry quarrels and strong divergence in opinion). The two friends collected materials for an opus called Lord Space Devil, a never-completed project began in December 2000 (unreleased songs, instrumentals, experimental and conceptual ideas).


In studio, Cosmic Trip Machine discovered musical freedom and were addicted immediately. The result was Lord Space Devil, a psychedelic concept album with songs that release themselves of any constraints and explore differing sonic boundaries (odd instruments, studio effects, imaginative rock inspired by indian music and B-movies). Few months later, Lord Space Devil was downloaded more than 5000 times from the official website,, by mere word of mouth and recommendations from websites and magazines. Cosmic Trip Machine worked on an electric live show melting instrumentals and new versions from Lord Space Devil songs.

In March 2009, Cosmic Trip Machine recorded Vampyros Roussos, an imaginary 70’s psychedelic erotic horror soundtrack and rock opera inspired by Vampyros Lesbos, Psych-Out, Beyond the Valley of Dolls, Suspiria, Carnival of Souls, The Holy Mountain and many more. The band played during Sloowjob Festival with Embryo and Peter Walker. In June, a first extract from Vampyros Roussos, (Not) Very High, was compiled on Trip inside this house : Summer Solstice 2009, with UK, Swedish and US psychedelic bands. During summer, Cosmic Trip Machine played at psychedelic Yellowstock festival in Geel, 40 years after Woodstock, with Vibravoid and Siena Root. The 18th September, Sloowtapes label released a Vampyros Roussos tape collector version (70 copies), sold out in two weeks. The 26th November, a CD version was distributed by Record Heaven and, in January, by Clearspot.

Between 2009 and 2010, Cosmic Trip Machine worked on the last Lord Space Devil trilogy part, Son of Lord Space Devil. Will Z. and Majnun had many difficulties with the preparation of this double album with four different suites (disease, depression, technical problems...). The early takes were judged as "poor". Son of Lord Space Devil was shelved on March 2010: the two musicians thought this album (and the 20 minutes master piece Amethyst in particular) possesses a negative power. However, some of the tracks were salvaged and rearranged. Majnun insisted to change the album title as The Curse of Lord Space Devil, which included electric and acoustic fragments intended for the lost original project plus new material, floating on Corpus Hermeticum, The Book of Am, poetries and mystic texts. The Curse of Lord Space Devil recording was finished on April after one month of intensive work, but Will Z. and Majnun expressed dissatisfaction with the result. So, OG (a talented songwriter, author of two psychedelic, pop and folk albums, La Pendule and La Transformation) was hired as a producer and an "exorcist" to stop negative forces and finish the work. The 3rd December 2010, The Curse of Lord Space Devil was distributed by Nasoni Records and available on CD and vinyl (black and limited colored edition). In January 2011, Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals, an alternative limited edition of The Curse of Lord Space Devil was available on Reverb Worship. For this album, Cosmic Trip Machine and OG recorded an ultimate version of Mantra song called Mantra#7777.


Will Z. and Majnun were left exhausted by the sessions of The Curse of Lord Space Devil.They needed to start over from scratch using other sounds with totally new songs. OG joined the band. The three musicians worked on an ephemeral project called Kosmische Kraut Maschine, devoted to the experimental rock scene appeared in Germany during the sixties, which culminated in several performances in Belgium and Holland, and studio sessions scheduled between 2011 and 2012. At the same time, OG gave demos of thirty songs he wrote to Will Z. for a new collaboration about a dream : (The Woman Who Took) A Flying Leap Over The Fence. The sessions began the 26th March and ended the 5th August, marked by the return of Majnun who recorded guitars and took part in the album production. The result is a double album out on Nasoni Records, the first one signed OG, the second one Cosmic Trip Machine, with different ideas, track listings and productions. In 2012, Will Z. began his solo project with personal albums, like the Shambhala Album, inspired by a Shambhala meditation experience, and 12 Visions, based on satanism and alchemy concept. He produced the parts 3 and 4 of the Book of AM, previously unreleased, with the original members from Can Am Des Puig band, Leslie MacKenzie and Juan Arkotxa, first at Balquhidder in Scotland, then in Mallorca with the original singer Carmeta Mansilla. The highlight of the sessions were a trip to Deià, the place where the project began thirty-five years before.


The Golden Horus Name project was the return of Cosmic Trip Machine on stage then, from May 2012, in studio, with a new line-up. The album tells two different stories melted : the celestial cow Egyptian myth in broad outline and the story of Barrington, a cursed rock star, a Great Pharaoh reincarnation, who lived in the Swinging London and fell into a deep depression. The character is directly inspired by the life of the musician Ramases who recorded during the 60’s and the 70’s some singles and two beautiful albums. Golden Horus Name is a return to heaviest roots of the band, with progressive structures. The 13th August 2013, the album was available on Nasoni Records and, one month later, for the first time, on online digital music stores. In 2014, the band performed Golden Horus Name live on tour in Belgium, Holland and Germany, with selections from previous projects.


2008 : Will Z., Majnun

2008-2009 : Will Z., Majnun, T-Bone

2009-2010 : Will Z., Majnun, Yoni

2010-2011 : Will Z., Majnun, oG

2012 : Will Z., Majnun, oG, Sammy