Will Z. is "band" of the month on Carry's Music Machine broadcast during March featuring extracts from 12 Visions (available here and there) and Shambhala Album :
69 - King of Shambhala Palace / Calm / Open The Book / Summer Night / Free Frog
68 - Hermetic Spell / Spirit / Travelin' / Deià Ghost / Night of Sin
67 - Reincarnation Knell / S. Love Song / Unknown Words / The Great Alchemist / Three Sisters
66 - Diamond Planet / Raga (Travelin' Outtake) / Salamander / Kalachakra Mandala / The Lady From Nowhere Land / Kapala
65 - The Road / Villages of Shambhala / Vision#1 / Ocean / The Gold

12 Visions and Golden Horus Name are still available.



We want to thank everybody involved in the Golden Horus Gigs. Germany is definitely THE country of Cosmic music. We have sold almost every LP and CD of our stock. We met wonderful people. And now our email box is full of messages of support and new gigs offers. We hope we'll come back soon to Germany to share with you again our music.

Click here for the pictures of the whole tour

And remember 12 Visions and Golden Horus Name are still available.




2013 was an intense year full of creativity: The Book of AM, Golden Horus Name, 12 Visions and more... What a year!

First, I had the chance to complete The Book of AM III and IV with original members Leslie, Juan and Carmeta. I'll keep forever in my heart these beautiful emotions and memories: the time spent in Mallorca to achieve the project, the trip to Deià as musician, producer and fan, the good vibrations in Scotland, the epic trip to Glasgow with Leslie and Juan to meet Daevid Allen during Gong tour. And you! You, Book of AM listeners, who gave to this adventure a fantastic epilogue: the album was sold out in only two hours and we received a lot of congratulations and positive feedback, so thank you for all your love and your support. Recently, Leslie and Juan were really moved by a message of a young guy who told them he’ll go to walk in New Zealand, from coast to coast and will listen to Book of AM during his trek. Juan told me he was kind of nostalgic, something to do with the passage of time and how the archetypal patterns of life keep that incessant swing of the ocean, and how difficult it is to see through what is behind the life of a person, something like the light on the sands of a deserted winter beach where a young family dwell in their ungraspable dream of eternity.

We worked during last months on Intxixu, the following Book of AM unreleased project, with Leslie, Juan, Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth and Cosmic Trip Machine, and we hope we'll be ready to have this exciting project out next year. It will be a double album, a book and a movie. But still a lot of work to do, so, please, be patient!

In 2013, for its 5th birthday, Cosmic Trip Machine had a new album out, Golden Horus Name. We have the better lineup of the band since the beginning with oG on bass and Sammy on drums and we'll have gigs in Holland and Germany during February 2014 to share with you our "classics" (from Vampyros Roussos and The Curse of Lord Space Devil) and our new songs. It will be good to meet you in the pit. Check the gig section of the website and come to meet us.

Finally, after more than two years, I had the great pleasure to release my second solo album, 12 Visions, based on Twelve philosophical keys, a book by Basil Valentine (allegedly an alchemist monk) and illustrated by Michel Maïer. I brought back the project to NoHype Studio with songs from my "Daily Visions" and new ones composed in Mallorca. Later, what began as an album dedicated to Alchemy and Power of Salamander (Mallorcan symbol) became deadly serious! At the end of September 2012, I made a dream about a succubus musician with a background of constant tube noises, which led me to take interest in Satanism. I read a lot about that subject, then chose to follow the path of Baudelaire in Les fleurs du mal, identifying Satan with the name of Hermes Trismegistus, and my music became darker and darker. J-K Huysmans novel, Là-bas, had a profound effect on me that carried onto 12 Visions. As a consequence, my new idea was to create the "negative" version of my first solo meditation project, Shambhala Album. The highlight of this "evil" period was Hermetic Spell, recorded with Cosmic Trip Machine and Alice Artaud. We played by night, only with candles lights and all dressed in capes. It was a black musical mass exploring unknown and terrifying landscapes. CD and LP versions are available.

2013 was a rich year! 2014 will see Golden Horus Gigs by Cosmic Trip Machine and a lot of new projects. I hope that your lives have been rich as mine and I wish you a cosmic new year 2014.

Cosmic salutations,

P.S. : Christmas Time! Listen to our first full albums on bandcamp.

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