From now, Cosmic Trip Machine will take a break because we will be focused on our personal projects. We just want to thank you for your support after all these years, since our first album, Lord Space Devil, in 2008. Thanks for all those great moments we shared.

Don't miss the next episodes... - Will Z. new album in September - oG still working on future album
Majnun (bandcamp soon) working on debut album
Sammy will appear on Will Z., oG and Majnun projects


September 2014 - Dark Tales of Will Z.
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Future Will Z. album called DARK TALES OF WILL Z. will be out in September at HeadSpin Records (Porcupine Tree, Siena Root, Orange Sunshine... label).

MAY 2014

Can AM des Puig and Cosmic Trip Machine are sad to announce you that Carmeta Mansilla, lead singer of Book of AM, passed away. We have lost a friend while the world has lost one of the great voices of folk music. If you want to keep Carmeta music and voice alive, please, share this "Memorial" page.



Will Z. is "band" of the month on Carry's Music Machine broadcast during March featuring extracts from 12 Visions (available here and there) and Shambhala Album :
69 - King of Shambhala Palace / Calm / Open The Book / Summer Night / Free Frog
68 - Hermetic Spell / Spirit / Travelin' / Deià Ghost / Night of Sin
67 - Reincarnation Knell / S. Love Song / Unknown Words / The Great Alchemist / Three Sisters
66 - Diamond Planet / Raga (Travelin' Outtake) / Salamander / Kalachakra Mandala / The Lady From Nowhere Land / Kapala
65 - The Road / Villages of Shambhala / Vision#1 / Ocean / The Gold

12 Visions and Golden Horus Name are still available.



We want to thank everybody involved in the Golden Horus Gigs. Germany is definitely THE country of Cosmic music. We have sold almost every LP and CD of our stock. We met wonderful people. And now our email box is full of messages of support and new gigs offers. We hope we'll come back soon to Germany to share with you again our music.

Click here for the pictures of the whole tour

And remember 12 Visions and Golden Horus Name are still available.



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